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This book was a deep-dive on "Practice Strategy". One single read doubled my progress. Several might triple it.









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  • If You're Serious About Practicing Your Skill, This Book Was Written For You

    What if you could create a practice routine that

    Worked For You Every Time? 

    A method that can ensure

    Consistent Progress

    , and that you make the most of your potential. Does it sound like B.S.? Let me prove you, 

    why It’s NOT.

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    "Why Is It That Some People Progress Immensely Faster In Their Practice Vs. The Majority?"


    Dear Friend,

    If you're reading this, you're someone who is a high performer or at the very least someone who is looking to get an edge in their skill or sport and take their game to new levels.


    Which means you and I might share compatible goals...

    You might want to drastically improve your ability in your physical skill, maybe it's playing an instrument, master a sport, or get better at whatever skill you are trying to master.

    And you might be at a point knowing already that hard work alone and simply doubling your efforts in practicewon't necessarily bring you the results you're after.

    Now, if you feel stuck at your current skill level in your practice or would like to just accelerate your progress geometrically... 

    Shaving off at least 5-10 years of struggle in your journey, I believe what you're about to hear could potentially be the most important message you ever going to hear, when it comes to the knowledge of developing your skills...

    I'm Laido, Cirque du Soleil Performer, Author & Peak Performance Coach.

    I specialize in helping artists, athletes and practitioners of any physical skill or sport reliably double their progress speed by adjusting their "practice strategy", so they can achieve their potential 2-3 times faster, no matter how advanced they are. 

    I do this by teaching uncommon, but universal and fundamental laws of progress, found only among the habits of the most “talented”.


    Habits & principles I've discovered while teaching performers with the most diverse set of skills and creating a method how to model these practical habits that bring results every single time someone applies them...

    No matter the physical field they are in. 

    Especially trying to help those who might have already put in some tremendous amount of hard work, and have already seen how difficult it can be to continue to progress once they are past a certain point...

    And if that's you...

    I'm sure that during your journey, you have almost certainly come across “talents” who seem to progress not only effortlessly and continually, but seemingly "naturally".

    This could be a friend, that learned a new routine in just a few days... or someone who started a skill much later than you, but caught up and even passed you by insanely fast.

    In those scenarios, you might have asked...

    What’s so different in their approaches? What is it they do differently from you?

    Is there even any difference and if there is... how could you use it for your own advantage to learn from and make your progress even faster.

    Now, throughout my life, I practiced approximately 20.000 hours and after more than a decade of experimentation, testing and research I can tell you...

    The reason why some people improve so much faster in a skill has a lot less to do with HOW HARD they practicebut much more to do with HOW THEY PRACTICE.

    But before I even get into the reasons why those certain individuals progress much faster, let me ask you some simple questions to see if what I have might be of any importance and help to you.

    Since, no matter what background you may come from or what skill you practice, you’ve probably have asked yourself... 

    Why Are Some People Improving Immensely Faster Vs. The Majority?

    The majority that often even with hard practice, can't get half as much done, not even in twice the time, or even worse, with no progress at all?

    Have you ever asked yourself...

    Does Mastery Depend ENTIRELY On Talent And Genetics?

    Should we just be satisfied with what we can achieve?

    Is there a universal way to progress and achieve skills fast or does it depend entirely on just talent, and there's nothing you can change to make a difference, except maybe practice harder?

    Yet, when simply doubling your efforts doesn't seem to work, is there a key to effective progress? And if so, what is it...

    What About Having STRATEGIES And PLANS In Practice?

    Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all the next-level skills, drills, or moves that you wanted to learn? We know it's impossible to practice everything, even if you had all the time in the world.

    So what is the best way to prioritize the things we have to practice, and then act to get maximum returns?

    How long should I practice and which things should get top priority?

    How Can I Achieve Consistency?

    How can I keep progressing consistently in a way that lets me maintain my present skills, but also allows me to move to the next level continually?

    Anyone can have a one off, some success here and there, but how do you achieve "Systematic Progress"? 

    How should I warm up, or choose the next drill to practice that will be right for me?

    How much rest is necessary? How much is too much or too little?

    How Can I Keep Up Motivation & Focus?

    How can you keep yourself motivated and maintain focus so you can stay in the best possible state for achieving results?

    Are there ways to increase other similar factors that may affect my practice that are outside of it?

    Now, these are a lot of challenges to deal with, regardless of what type of skill you are trying to learn and if we would need to summarize it into one big question that encapsulates all others, it would probably be:

    How Do I Create A Practice Routine That I Can Rely On Working For Me Every Time?


    A system that gives me the BEST POSSIBLE RESULTS that I'm fully capable of achieving, knowing that I’m currently practicing the best possible way for achieving those results, regardless if I have a "good" or "bad" day...

    Now Let Me Ask You: Have You Ever Had Any Of These Challenges?


    Did you ever want to have the answer to any of these questions?

    If you answered "yes" to any of these, I can already tell you... "The Art of Practice" was written for you...

    These are the frustrations that seem to be the most personal, yet what we might all share and have in common with each other, but even though we all experience them, these are the things we lack the most clarity on, even if it causes us not to succeed in the first place.

    Yet, when I see practitioners almost in any skill, people who have been practicing maybe even for decades, I see them making the same mistakes that I had and the frustrations I’d gone through.

    Often in the process of them giving up their dream of becoming who I believe, they were meant to be...

    Is There A Secret To "Perfect Practice"?

    Now who am I to speak on this?

    You see...

    The reason I know the challenges so well that I've mentioned is because those questions were created from my personal experiences that I needed to deal with throughout the years.

    Truth is I used to be terrible at practice. And when I say terrible I’m really talking about a whole other level of dysfunction.

    I know how the struggle feels since I too tried everything that you could think of to become better...

    I would brute force my way to seeing the slightest of progress, only to become burned-out right after, without having much to show for it.

    Since, most of the things I've tried didn't work at all...

    And ironically, the only reason I could think of for my lack of progress was not working "hard enough", while practicing often 8 hours a day.

    That's why nobody would guess that the sudden change in my progress came by implying simple rules and processes that made me progress in a faster way than usual.

    So what enabled me to make this transformation?

    A transformation which enabled me to compete or even share world records with someone who started the very same skill at the age of 4 while I started at the age of 18?

    It's a couple of things...

    It's because certain systems I had and certain mindsets I had, helped me get past those blocks that allowed me to dominate over my progress. 

    Yet, more than anything it involved having to change how I believed practice works to what actually worked.

    Since what I didn’t understand at the time...

    Is that if we're practicing in a way that is against the fundamental laws of progress, we won’t get any better… No matter how hard or how much we practice.

    And the lesson that I still had to learn was…


    Practice Alone, Won't Make You Perfect, But "Perfect Practice" Will.

    It’s imperative to understand that behind every accomplishment, behind every success is a process.

    Some people are better at what they do than others and it’s not simply by chance that they got better.

    And as I found out throughout the years...

    The basic rules of the “successful” are surprisingly uniform and predictably divergent from what the rest of the world is doing.

    Now, it's important to mention that I did not come up with these rules... I did not invent them.

    So where did I get them from?

    The simple answer is... I've discovered them.

    I've discovered them from modeling, imitating, and synthesizing the behavior of pro's that I call “Naturals”.

    The people with "talent"... We like to put people like this on a pedestal, and tell ourselves the story that they were destined to be great, and that they have some mysterious power.

    But in reality, that’s not the case at all.

    The best of the best think alike and the fundamental unwritten rules they are practicing by is what allows them to progress to incredible heights, but the thing about those rules are that they are also often very counterintuitive.

    Meaning what would make often sense in the moment is not what usually leads to success...

    Often the things, you wouldn't think will work and go unnoticed are the things that will, but almost nobody does... 

    If you look at 80% of what the "talented" do, you can say, “Yeah, I understand that because it’s really intuitive.”

    You can make sense of that because it’s the logical and obvious thing to do, but it’s the other 20% that’s counterintuitive.

    Those counterintuitive things are always present in the background and often one little shift, just one simple change is all it takes.

    I saw firsthand, after observing and practicing with some of the best performers in the world, that it wasn't the strength or physical powers that separated the good from the best. 

    It was their mostly unconscious approach and mentality that looked dramatically different from the rest.

    So, what are these actions that most people fail to see even if it's hiding in plain sight?

    The "NATURAL'S METHOD" is the philosophy and the system I created to answer that question…

    Once I started to shift my own practice into this direction the way "Naturals" do, I started to understand how the little subtle differences they made in practice had enormous impacts on their progress.

    The little things they were doing that the majority never did, or did in an opposite way because they didn’t seem important or went even unnoticed...

    Yet those very things were the things that made it work.

    And it's the reason why no matter what skill you practice or what field you are trying to advance in, truth is that the underlying laws of why humans progress are universally applicable. 

    They will keep being universally applicable since the reason why we humans progress are EVERLASTING and NEVER CHANGING.

    If you understand the theory and you understand the cause and effect of why "Naturals" do things in a certain way, you can create a million variations of how you want to use these rules in your favor, since these principles are by their nature, universally applicable... 

    Thanks to these principles, I've learned that the best way to shortcut your progress enormously, to get results faster, easier, with less trial and error, fewer mistakes, and less stress, is to borrow the methods of "Naturals" and apply them to what you're doing.

    Since that’s exactly what I did.




    This Breakthrough Method Was Used For The Most Diverse Set Of Skills From: Acrobatics, Tennis, Hand Balancing, Golf, Basketball, Dancing, Playing Instruments, Climbing and much more...

    Review By Brandon Birchak

    NCAA National Champion, Coach & C.E.O. of 6 Foot Creations



  • ✔ Secret #1: Find out exactly WHAT your "Practice Blueprint" is.

    ✔ Secret #2: How to "HACK" your PROGRESS by fixing the one mistake in practice, EVERYBODY does.

    ✔ Secret #3: Why going over your limits THE RIGHT WAY keeps your routines SAFE.

    Truth is I could easily make another 30 bullet points, but there isn't an unlimited number of things you need to learn. Yet, there's only a few you MUST learn.

    For "some" this might seem like just another ebook, but I've designed it to be more that that. It's more of a “Field Guide” to massive progress, since it will show you exactly what to do, how to do it, and why.

    Besides it's easy. You could even read it in an afternoon and immediately "get" the entire methodology that I and many others personally used for getting real results.

    And my 100% guess is that you’ll love this book and you will be referring back to the best practices from this book for years to come....


    So Why Read This Book?


    From being a pro basketball player to a pro musician, dancer, or being a circus artist like myself, EVERYTHING NEEDS PRACTICE.

    Skill is built THROUGH practice, but it has to be done RIGHT.

    And without knowledge, without a strategy... there is no power. 

    I’ve always felt that by understanding the process, you could have more control over the outcome.

    It’s this understanding and control that will lead to the skill that you see in top performers.

    Strategy is also the part of your practice that is most often under utilized while being also the area where you can typically get the biggest returns for the smallest time and energy invested. 

    When you practice anything a certain way, whether consciously or unconsciously it’s because you think that’s probably the best way and the way it should be done, but "You don't know what you don't know"

    Some people have better systems, some less effective ones...

    It's the one thing that sets the entire context of your choices on what you will spend hours, months, or even years into your future.

    And there’s currently a system in your mind that’s similar to a software, and consciously or unconsciously, that system installed is what dictates how you approach getting better, based on what you think will work and make you progress and achieve success in the end.

    Now, everybody has a system in their mind, as said some people have better systems while others have less effective ones, but everyone has something that I call our mind’s “Practice Blueprint”.

    Yet whatever that system is, there is no system that couldn’t be overwritten. And the way to overwrite it is by changing your "practice strategy" based on what actually works.

    Now most people spend 95% of their energy and attention working solely on their outer game, their outer execution.

    They think about the movements: how high they should be, how low or how fast, etc., and though it’s true these things are very important, they are all merely just an effect of whatever "practice strategy" people use.

    However, they hardly ever focus or try to improve their system or strategy of their practice.

    They just have a system in place that they don’t even think about and since that’s the most thought they can give to it, they only focus on that 95%.

    But what actually would create a real difference for most athletes is the 5% of what most people don’t spend any energy on, even if it decides what you will do externally on the outside in the first place.

    Working "on" their practice instead just "in" their practice...

    Now, having mentored a lot of practitioners over the years, I've learned that we are only 3-5 subtle changes away from reaching the progress and the results we want, or not even coming close to them.

    Now, often these shifts seem as just a small alteration in direction, but if you look closely, every choice is just like an arrow that you shoot...

    Minor changes even a couple of inches can alter the destination tremendously, the further the arrow gets shot.

    And a bad choice or a choice that you aren't conscious off can still set your trajectory off by only one degree today, but over years the error can become incredibly magnified...

    The direction matters just as much as how much energy you put into it.

    That's why I've also add a special BONUS TRAINING:




    Would you agree that motivation is one of the foundations of all skill based effort and accomplishment?

    Whenever I speak to groups of young athletes or artists, I always ask how many have big goals, like going to the Olympics or winning a Circus Festival. 

    Usually about 90% raise their hands.

    I then ask how many are doing everything they can to ACHIEVE THEIR GOALS and only one or two hands go up.

    There is often a big gap between the goals people have and the effort they are putting into those goals.

    It's very easy to say that you want to be successful and master the skill you practice, but not that easy to do the work that has to be done.

    At that point you really only have 2 options:

    * You can lower your goals that matches your effort.

    * Or you can RAISE YOUR EFFORT to match your goals.

    If you chose the second option...

    You will inevitably arrive at a point in training towards becoming a pro at which training is no longer fun.

    You arrive at the “Grind”, when it gets tiring, painful, and tedious. Where you will have to maintain your efforts until you have achieved your goals...

    It’s important because you must be willing to work hard in the face of fatigue, boredom, pain, and the desire to do other things and it directly impacts the level of success that you ultimately going to achieve.

    That’s really the point where you separate yourself from anyone else...

    Now most people when they reach this point either ease up or give up because it's just too darned hard.

    Signs of low motivation may arise in the form of:




    Only those who are TRULY MOTIVATED reach the grind and are able to keep on going...

    Many sports psychologists at this point will say that you have to love the "Grind", but only 20% of society is what I would call “towards motivation” oriented.

    Which means except for a very few hyper-motivated athletes, love isn't in the cards because there's not much to love...

    Yet you won't hear anyone talk about the most powerful side of motivation... which is the negative “away from” type of motivation.

    Be it Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods or any mainstream legend of sports...

    They were all able to use that POWERFUL NEGATIVE side of motivation.

    And luckily it’s ANOTHER contributor to performance over which you can have control.

    That’s the part that will keep you going, the part that you can essentially always rely on...

    And the system of "Negative Motivation" which I am about to show you, WILL WORK RELIABLY FOR 80% OF SOCIETY which is "away-type" motivation oriented...

    In This  EXCLUSIVE ONLINE TRAINING , You'll Discover:

  • How I was able to practice my skill 6-8 hours every single day, for more than a DECADE by discovering a technique I named “Mental Contrasting”

  • The science of motivation: Discover the underlying causes of motivation and learn how to tap into your inner drive, creating a customized motivation plan that is tailored to your unique needs and goals.

  • I will also explain the few vital KEY psychological and emotional systems that sabotage and prevents us from becoming what we truly COULD BECOME... and how to set powerful goals that will inspire you.

  • Yes! Take Me To The Training!


    So You've Got Two Options,
    Which One Will You Take?

    Now, if you wanted, you could try to figure out all this stuff on your own. I know, because that's what I did.

    The road from amateur to pro is a long and hard one, since obviously the "aha" moments and experience's won’t come until the end of the road, but what if there was a way that took some of those moments and brought them to the beginning saving you years of time…

    There is? And I just made it? Weird.

    Jokes aside, knowing the work it took I truly wish there would have been a better way...

    A way that can save and without doubt shave off at least 5-10 years of struggle in your life...

    Instead of wasting endless amounts of hours, months, or even decades of your practice... What if those mistakes could be avoided?

    That's what this method is about.

    A method that is duplicable, replicable and will produce the consistent desired result every time someone applies it.

    Not just once or twice, but consistently and predictably

    • I have already read hundreds of books on psychology, success, and achievement.

    • I have already spent two decades researching, testing, failing, and iterating different styles and strategies of practice.

    • I have already put in the work to integrate the different schools of thought to bring you a set of condensed theories and tools to help you get results in your situation.

    So let me ask you...

    If you had the choice between trying to do this all yourself without any guidance, and having someone who has already done it time and time again help you, which one would you choose?

    Frankly I truly believe that the method inside this book is the most high-impact, "best of the best" when it comes to improving your practice strategy and I can personally guarantee that you will not find anything else available that is even CLOSE to this training.

    • This isn’t some unreadable 1,000-page lexicon of everything there is to know about practice.

    • This isn’t a rehashed, regurgitated, and diluted pamphlet that claims to have all the secrets, but tells you nothing.

    • This isn't the result of a google search in a frenzy after having binged a bunch of articles over the weekend.

    This is me sharing what I've learned in a LIFETIME after years of EXPERIENCE and TESTING. Condensing over several years the essential wisdom that works.

    I teach this stuff because it was able to transform my life and it's the reason why I want to teach people in the first place.

    Because I know from first hand the difference what getting better in your skill can create.

    You know just as much as me that becoming better skilled than the "average" you might be able to get a better job, you might win a competition, travel to places because of it, or even getting respected within your community...

    All things that I would have no idea how I could have experienced, unless I would have stumbled across the right knowledge that keeps still serving me every single day for the rest of my life…

    But all these shiny things aren't the fantasy. It really isn't.

    At least it wasn't for me...

    It's about the transformation you go through.

    Not from the outside, but from within. It's about proving not for others, but to yourself that you can achieve whatever you want.

    Ever since I first started teaching artists and performers I was realizing that’s what I want to do with my life.

    I want to show anyone who is serious about their skills, how to accomplish their goals and get the most out of their progress and themselves. 

    And that’s what I’ve committed my life to showing high performers how to do...

    And if you're part of the tiny minority of people that want more out of life and someone who is willing to invest in their own personal growth to get what they want, no matter the amount of work it needs...

    In that case I'm willing to commit myself to GUARANTEE YOU RESULTS.

    My 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

    I believe your time is your most valuable asset and I truly respect that.

    I've wasted enough of my OWN time trying things that didn't work, and the last thing I want to do is waste yours.

    That’s why I’ve done 2 things:

    1#: I’ve created this book to be short and sweet and I wholeheartedly believe that for the right person it could save hundreds if not thousands of hours worth of progress throughout the rest of their life.

    I've even added my "Limitless Motivation" program since as with "The Art Of Practice", I truly believe that this will take you to where you need to go. The book paired with this training will give you not just the “how”, but also the correct “why”.

    2#: I’ve done my best to make this training as risk-free as possible for you by making it digital and including a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee...

    So here's the deal.

    Go through the book, page by page. Try it all out, take the technique I describe for a test run for a full 30 days and, if it doesn’t help you, or if you just decide that it’s not for you, I’ll give you a complete refund, no questions asked.

    And this goes for the "Limitless Motivation" program as well...

    If it's not the most insightful video training you ever watched about motivation... 


    Just send me an email to supp[email protected] and I will refund you within 48 hours. It's really as simple as that.

    Yet, my 100% guess is that you’ll love this training and you will be referring back to the best practices from it for years to come.

    And if it's not the best 27$ you've ever spent on your progress, you can have it all back, and even keep the training for free!

    Just send me an email, no hassle, no hard feelings!

    This way you don't have to decide if it's right for you right now.


    ✔ You feel like the learning curve in your practice is extremely frustrating.

    ✔ Your temptation to quit, became a mental burden out of lack of reaching real results.

    ✔ You’ve been practicing for years, but still feel mediocre despite giving it your all.

    ✔ You feeling stuck at the level of skill you’re currently at without making any significant progress.

    ✔ It seems you’ve reached a plateau that seems impossible to overcome.

    ✔ You feel trapped in the mediocre zone where you can’t seem to get to a level that actually impresses people.


    If you're one of those people (like me) who skip to the bottom of the page to see what it's all about, here's a fast summary for you:

    This training contains some of the best philosophies, ideas, and beliefs that I've discovered in 10+ years of research about how to progress the fastest way in whatever physical skill through what I call "PRACTICE STRATEGY TRAINING".

    The price of this book bundled with the "Limitless Motivation" training is at 12$ which is not even close to the value it can bring, but I'd like to give it to you for a discounted price because of a couple of reasons:

    ✔ #1: I want to put this training into the reach of everyone who wants it.

    ✔ #2: Second, anyone who isn't willing to invest just the price of a dinner into their training, probably isn't even serious enough about practicing their skill. In that case, this training is not for you.

    ✔ #3: I'm so sure about the result's it will bring that I also offer a "No Questions Asked 30 DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE"

    But here's the deal...


    My 100% guess is that you’ll love this training and you will be referring back to the best practices from this for years to come.

    So take the leap and click the button below and I will see you on the other side!


    After more than 20.000 hours of his own practice, Laido is best known for developing the "Natural's Method", helping practitioners of any physical skills or sport rapidly accelerate their progress in their practice.

    By teaching uncommon, but fundamental laws of progress he was able to establish a name for himself not only as an award-winning Cirque du Soleil artist but as a "Practice Mentor".



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